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View our Private Yacht Charter Pricing Guide below. Pricing includes 10% A&A tax, Captain and Crew fees, fuel, dockage, tables, chairs and basic white linens. Food and beverage service additional. Please call with questions. We look forward to seeing you on the water.

Fleet Capacity Rate
Catherine Marie 20-225 Guests $5,378*
Raven 30-149 Guests $3,647*
Cabaret II 20-80 Guests $3,122*
Lady Sarah 20-80 Guests $3,381*
Harbor Queen 50-225 Guests $2,087*
Annapolitan II 10-102 Guests $2,195*
Severn Exposure 1-6 Guests $1,702*
Miss Anne Up to 20 Guests – Annapolis Only $765*

* Vessel rates are based upon a 2 hour weekday event. Minimums apply based on vessel and passenger count. Pricing does not include food or beverage. Suggested capacities vary depending on type of event. Delivery fees may apply. Pricing includes tax, captain and crew fees, fuel, dockage, and basic white linen

Create an Unforgettable Event on the Chesapeake Bay